Creating Custom Solutions for Jensen Precast

A new custom call station setup by Jonel at Jensen's new Northern California facility is setting new standards in efficiency and precision, eliminating guesswork, and paving the way for future expansions.


Jensen Precast is one of the largest independently owned precast concrete businesses in the US. Their recent Northern California expansion in Lockeford California required a unique large-scale production facility with a state-of-the-art turnkey batching control system.

Jonel initially started with a single mixer setup for the Simem batch plant, that was designed and built in Italy, and modularly constructed in 2021. Jensen requested Jonel’s Archer Precast batch controller for their new flagship plant, as they have standardized this platform at most of their precast operations in the Western US. “We initially were going to ship our control panel overseas so we could adapt it to the European standards (24 vdc) and test out all the control elements at the Simem facility,” says Jimi Hernandez, Jonel’s Control Technician. “Simem ended up providing space in their existing control panel, and we were able to retrofit our components into their existing enclosure here locally, making it a very simple changeover once we got all the plant elements erected and online."

“We have always relied on Jonel’s expertise, consistent quality and their ability to work well with our operations team to get the best product possible.”
Cy Thomson, Project Manager | Jensen Precast | 2024

In 2023, additional production equipment was added, and the batch plant was upgraded to include a second mixer and delivery system to expand the plant footprint and help Jensen to widen its production of high-quality precast products. The plant setup includes a state-of-the-art elevated rail flying bucket delivery system that can deliver low to high slump concrete to six independent work stations throughout the production facility. Jensen Precast plant “We were able to fully automate the plant from bin fills, dynamic moisture control, batch to mixer, and finally transfer fresh concrete to preassigned work areas in batch or on demand.” Says Cy Thomson, Jensen’s Project Manager. “Working with Jonel’s team, we were able to design a custom call station setup where the batch operator can pre-assign product application directives prior to batching, and the system can then automatically deliver the proper concrete to the appropriate station, eliminating the guesswork, saving time, and money.”

Jonel's state of the art turn key batching control system custom solution for Jensen precast

Jonel’s system consisted of over 300 discrete points of I/O, including alarms and exception handling for additional plant safety requirements, five scales, two mixers, bucket conveyors, and feeder belts. “We have always relied on Jonel’s expertise, consistent quality, and their ability to work well with our operations team to get the best product possible.” says Thomson, Project Manager. “This was no exception, and we have plenty of expansion capability if needed down the road.”