Seamlessly Integrating the Best Solutions in the Market

Jonel FLEX Integration Services leverages innovative ways to share information within your business between core dispatch and batching functions.


Why should you be forced into adapting your business into a one size fits all model, when you can choose between business applications: accounting/ERP; Telematics and QC software that suit your style of business at an economical price point?

Traditional shrink wrapped and siloed business solutions are evolving into open, adaptable business tools that can seamlessly share transactional data. API’s and a commitment to open architecture based on secure, web-based services are helping business share vital information between different software packages in ways that were unimaginable five years ago.

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Seamless Connectivity

Many concrete solutions providers insist that having an industry based back office, such as accounts receivable modules as the preferred solution to fulfill an end to end, operations quote to cash scenario. Consequently, providers bolt on redundant accounting and GPS functions into their dispatch systems to create a presumed tightly integrated solution.

The reality is that traditional ERP and accounting solutions already have accounting functions baked into their solutions, so why reinvent the wheel on an “industry based” tool when an off the shelf system, provides a deeper product breadth using Generally Accepted and accredited accounting functions? Jonel has been integrating with leading edge business applications spanning four decades. Accounting and specifically, accounts receivable information is critical to dispatch functions within our core Access dispatch solutions. Critical transactional updates for customer account balances, historical payment trends and inventory control; are critical to dispatch and sales business processes.

Enhanced Integration Framework

The communication methods of traditional API’s have been providing this layer of abstraction, but in a way that limits the flexibility and has lacked the necessary security frameworks. The evolution of the web has changed the communication methods dramatically as more and more applications have moved offsite and into managed server environments over the web, thus exposing these API’s using traditional means opens up security risks and data intrusion.

The Jonel FLEX interface mitigates these risks by encrypting the conversation through a token authentication system. Therefore, other applications like GPS, ERP, Sales, QC and e-Ticket portals can subscribe to the Jonel product ecosystem via the cloud or on prem without any risk to the data fidelity or security vulnerability. Jonel FLEX uses JSON, which stands for Java Script Object Notation, providing a data interchange format that is light weight and faster than traditional methods.

Leveraging Leading Edge Solutions

Integration services through Jonel FLEX allow you to carefully select from a variety of best of breed technology solutions that best fit your business. Accounting functions that include online bank reconciliation, job costing and enterprise resource planning functions that span horizontal industries; provides you the breadth of back-office business solutions.

Broadening the Application Ecosystem

Backoffice and Accounting application are just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to determining the appropriate fit and feature set for your business There are dizzying array of GPS and Telematics software applications in the market to choose from and navigating which one offers the appropriate functions whether it be limiting human intervention through hardware sensors, safety factors, preventative maintenance or a focus on time and attendance. Having a core dispatch system that is designed from the ground up to leverage these points of integration and cadence for your business, gives you the peace of mind knowing the that there is an application architecture, coupled with an experienced partner behind you every step of the way. Jonel understands the critical role fleet and vehicle tracking solutions play, and we work with your team to ensure they are operating smoothly and without interruption.

More Adaptive and Scalable

Time critical factors are essential to your business. Simplicity, ease of use and deep product specialization can reduce the learning curve and limit the need for custom software, which can reduce costs and improve operating efficiency. The modular nature of fully integrated software services enables growth and expansion, without the need of overhauling established, tried and true applications.

Built In Compliance

Standardization provides consistency in reporting processes transparent and provides a framework for standardized assumptions, terminology, definitions and methods. Generally accepted practices by fully accredited application software ensures accurate, cross company and moreover, cross industry comparisons. Further compliance transcends the commonality of processes into the realm of security measures. More and more accounting and accounting transactions are happening within the cloud. Open API standards allow you to benefit from pre-existing security measures, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

More Economical

Adoption of a deeper, more specialized and mission focused application offers greater economies of scale and functionality than a traditional one size fits all approach. Best in class operations software can result in operating improvements well within 50 cents to a dollar per cubic yard. These improvements can have a dramatic effect on head count and the overall bottom line. With layered integration, coupled with a cohesive data sharing between application sets; these savings can be staggering. By surgically selecting the best in breed tool for your business, realizing efficiency gained through fully automated processes becomes more attainable due to flexibility and less overhead.

In conclusion, the adoption of integrated services through Jonel's open API is not just a technological choice; it's a strategic move towards agility, innovation, and sustained growth. Embrace the future of your concrete operations team through seamlessly integrating the best solutions in the market, and tap into the well spring of cost savings available for your business.