A Legacy of Success, Relationships, and Innovation - Part 1

What sets Jonel apart in the concrete and aggregate industries


Success is not just about achieving goals and making profits. It is about creating meaningful relationships and being a part of a larger family. At Jonel Engineering, they believe that their success is defined by their loyal employees and customers. Over the last six decades, Jonel Engineering has worked tirelessly to provide custom material handling and information technology solutions to the concrete and aggregate industry. And every step of the way, they have relied on the strength of their relationships to help them achieve success.

Collage of map, photo and bulletin of California Aqueduct 1963


One of the key factors that sets Jonel Engineering apart from competitors is their open architecture software. The Jonel Engineering team designs customized systems that meet the needs of the smallest and largest multinational customers. They interface with all makes and models of concrete plants and with third-party software providers, including competitors. This approach strengthens their relationships with all industry vendors and customers. The Jonel Engineering team values these relationships and remains committed to fostering them through open communication and consistent support.

“We attribute our success for complete concrete production to...Jonel Engineering. Without...we wouldn’t have a successful completion of the Castaic Tunnel supporting the California Aqueduct providing much needed water to Los Angeles.”
Michael (Mike) Shank, Operations Manager | Shea, Kaiser, Lockheed and Healy | 1972
“When it comes to maximizing the potential of your operation, you need a company who understands your goals. Our company was able to improve...on a much grander scale allowing us to consistently produce 680 cubic yards out of a single alley in an hour.”
Richard Thornton, President | Nevada Ready Mix | 1998

At Jonel Engineering, their success is built upon the strong relationships they have with their esteemed customers and dedicated employees. Over the past six decades, they have tirelessly worked to earn the trust and loyalty of their clients, a testament to their unwavering commitment. As they move forward, Jonel Engineering remains dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication and delivering innovative solutions.

In part two, Jonel Engineering will further explore their commitment to family values that sets them apart from their competitors in the concrete and aggregate industry. They take great pride in being a trusted partner, and they will continue to provide unparalleled support to their valued customers and employees.