A Legacy of Success, Relationships, and Innovation - Part 4

What sets Jonel apart in the concrete and aggregate industries


Jonel Engineering's success in the concrete and aggregate industry is deeply rooted in their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the past six decades, Jonel has consistently delivered expert knowledge, forged meaningful relationships, upheld cherished family values, and nurtured a culture of innovation. These strengths are illuminated through the glowing testimonials of their esteemed clients, who attest to Jonel's high-quality service and solution-oriented approach. By continually enhancing their tools and mechanisms, Jonel empowers dispatchers to make informed decisions with greater precision.

Holliday Rock concrete pour in downtown Los Angeles with Jonel Engineering technology.


The success of Jonel's customers has played a pivotal role in the company's achievements. Over the years, Jonel has collaborated with some of the world's largest concrete and aggregate firms, aiding them in reaching their objectives and optimizing their operations. Customers have generously shared their experiences and testimonials. These success stories serve as an inspiration, motivating the Jonel team to persistently pursue excellence and provide top-tier solutions to their valued customers.

For the last 50+ years and through 4 generations of Holliday Rock growth, we have been fortunate enough to rely on the support of the Jonel Team as they have continued to meet our growing needs. This partnership has allowed Holliday Rock to continue benefiting from Jonel’s user-friendly operating systems and excellent technical support. We appreciate that their team is always willing to listen.”
Jarrod Nachreiner, Operations Manager | Holliday Rock Co. | 2023
“[Jonel is] a long standing, well organized, family business which has been a great partner to Summers Taylor Materials. Your experienced team has listened to our needs, supplied us with solutions, and provided our company with tools that add to the bottom line. Keeping a consistent team of professionals together is challenging and your firm has accomplished this for sixty years. You've earned our business and respect, and we consider Jonel a valuable part of our company.
John Loven | Summers Taylor Materials | 2023
“When you have a job of this magnitude, every load has to be batched within tolerance and as quickly as possible…The Jonel systems that we use... are fast, accurate... something we can count on.”
Steve Lode, Senior Operations Manager | CalPortland. Guinness World Record for Largest Continuous Concrete Pour. | 2014

What sets Jonel apart from competitors in the industry are their relationships and commitment to open communication, their dedication to treating their customers and employees as valued family members, and their commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions. Jonel is proud to be a part of the concrete and aggregate industry and will continue to provide the best possible support to their valued customers and employees.